Events and Management

Bringing you the greatest exquisite event management, gathering numerous contents for one’s leisure. Square Park will conduct many events that will include all people of all ages. These are some of the events Square Park will be hosting in the near future:

  • Celebrities:

    To add an extra element & excitement during events.

  • Food Festival:

    Offer unique local & international food festivals.

  • Fashion Event:

    Square park will host a fashion fest. Extravaganza an upscale novel idea of fashion show & trends latest.

  • Farmers Market:

    Bringing to you all the fresh produce sold directly by farmers to consumers. The market with consist & booths.

  • Shopping Festival:

    Enjoy the squarepark shopping festival & special offers with a raffle draw & world class entertainment.

  • Exhibition:

    Explore the art ofnumerous art exhibitions , galleries and unleash your own creativity on the graffiti walls.